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About Colohaven Networks, Inc.


Colohaven Networks, Inc. launched in 1996 in Scottsdale, Arizona as a data center providing website hosting services for small to medium size businesses. Our team not only provides hosting services, we help our clients with the technical know how so that they get up and running quickly. Our customers continue to use our service because of automated server backups, power backup, and network redundancy.

New technologies continue to emerge, and our staff is dedicated to continuous learning so that we can offer new exciting products and services that enhance the technology that run your business. Our data center has grown from a basic hosting platform to one that offers off-site storage for your data, disaster recovery services, database hosting, application hosting, and more. We are excited that you are here and welcome you to Colohaven.


In 2009, Colohaven Networks, Inc. acquired Ashley-Data, a software company that offers desktop software as well as Software as a Service. Today, Colohaven Networks, Inc. provides clients with custom software and SaaS software helping them to perform at peak. Our software team does requirements gathering, development, testing, implementation, and training. We provide software as small as scripts to automate routine functions all the way up to large scale applications that run business operations.


In 2016, we launched TLD Manager, Inc. a service that specializes in domain name registration and management. We recognized that the field of domain names is growing much more than finding a perfect dot com or dot net domain name.

As part of our launch, we set to help clients acquire an unused registered domain name by launching our Desired Name service. Customers that have found a perfect domain name that has been registered can request from our team to track dowm the registered owner of a domain and request to purchase the domain. The Desired Name Service goes a step further by taking your idea and identifying available domain names that are marketable, then presenting them to you to see if there is any interest. If you find a domain or two that you like, we register them for you and add them to your account for use and manage them.