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Application Hosting Services

A Space For Your Business Applications

Your business is growing and you want every advantage that you can use. Custom applications are one way to stay ahead of your competitors. Colohaven Networks offers hosting plans for applications of all sizes as well as number of users. You can host anything from customer feedback surveys to Customer Relationship Management systems.

Customer Relationship Management

A CRM or Customer Relationship Management system is a software database that uses a visual front-end for making the data easy for users to understand. Companies of all sizes implement a CRM to keep track of their clients and the interactions with them. Each time a customer calls or writes, your team should have a way to make notes as well as be able to see other calls from the customer. Your CRM system is a way to increase the level of service that you provide.

Content Management System

A CMS or Content Management System is a software that make publishing information to the web easier. You can use a CMS as an intranet to help keep you team on the same page or use the CMS to publish a customer facing website with all of your product offerings. Colohaven can help you choose a CMS system as well as help you get it up and running.

DocMGR Document Management System

Are you looking for a collaboration system for your businerss. DocMGR is an open source application that allows for storage of many different document types. DocMGR runs off-of the PHP middleware and has many powerful features. Some of the features include LDAP authentication, the ability to easily add and remove "objects" for storage in the system, document workflow, object subscriptions, WebDAV access.

Picture Management System

As a photographer you want an online system to display your work. You may also be looking for an e-commerce component to add to your site so that visitors can purchase your work. A Picture management system is designed to easily load sample images of your pictures. Colohaven Networks offers a couple different open-source solutions.

BLOG Hosting

Are you a Blogger that wants space to keep on building your brand? Colohaven Networks offers several open-source Blogging platforms to post your work. Your needs may be to let everyone look at all of your posts, or you may offer a login for subscribers only. You can add an RSS feed and even post video's and audio Blogs.

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