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Cloud Computing Services

Leverage the Power of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing not only provides access to your data from anywhere, by utilizing cloud technologies for your business you gain processing power. In addition, when you have new applications to deploy, the cloud brings the new apps to all your employees at once lowering your IT costs. There is more, with the cloud, you have a continuity plan in place. The cloud delivers on many fronts.

Access Anywhere

Cloud services is always on and accessible from your computing device of choice. Not only is your data secure, your data is always available. Our staff can help you setup multi-access data nodes to speed-up the time to retrieve the information you and your employees need at any given time.

COTS or Custom

Many commercial Software applications benefit from cloud services. For organizations that write custom applications, there are many benefits to our cloud service. Colohaven Cloud promotes multi-user via simultaneous access. You gain from increased security with audit trails and more. Our servers provide greater processing power than what a laptop or desktop delivers.

Data Storage

Do you need space to store your data? Colohaven Cloud Services is the right place for your needs. Start with an estimated storage size for your needs today. As you create more data, you easily add on more storage containers through the online control page. Our Cloud Services helps reduce costs while eliminating paying for what you are not going to use.

Online Database Service

Colohaven Cloud Services has the ability to host databases with many different purposes. You have full access to the database at any time. You can port an existing database to the cloud, or create a new database from scratch. We provide the infrastructure so that you can focus on the content.

Corporate Paging and Emergency Notifications

Colohaven Cloud Services hosts applications for business notification purposes as well as emergency notifications. By leveraging our technology, your employees will be notified in the event of an emergency. For company wide messaging, our paging app will send a message to all employees, to employees within a certain building, city, or specific field. The emergency notification app may also be used for disaster preparedness.

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