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A Dedicated Server For Your Business

A Dedicated Server Powers All You

Custom Built Server designed with your specs. Full control and managent for complete administration. Add custom software and scripts to automate process. RAID Ready by opting for a second drive which will provide you with redundancy. Server backups are included on a monthly, weekly, or daily interval. Choose how you want your server backups to process. Server monitoring is part of the package. Our data center watches for security vulnerbilities as well as the health of the server hardware.

Bring Your Company Owned Server

The Colohaven Cloud Network is a perfect platform for AI and BI Analytics for business. Send your data files to the hive. Use the online interface to run queries so that you have charts that help you seek insights for critical business decision making.

Lease A Server From Colohaven

Mobile device Apps require multiple people to talk to your server infrastructure. For example, you will need software engineers, database developers, graphic designers, all with access to the development platform. Colohaven Networks offers a flexible cloud platform that enables your development team with the technology you need. Full access to the cloud platform simultaneously.

Linux OS

Our configuration team loads each server with your choice of Linux Operating System. Choose between: Ubuntu Server, Debian, OpenSUSE, and CentOS. If you have a specific need for an OS that is not listed, for example, you require Red Hat Server, please advise our sales team. For dedicated servers that are custom built, we will provide you with a service level agreement that specifies what support we will provide for your custom configuration.

Apache Web Server

For dedicated servers that are being setup as a web server, our standard configuration is a LAMP stack. Your server will include a Linux OS, Apache Web Server, MySQL database, and PHP. For servers that are intended to be used as a backup server, App Server, or custom web server configuration, please speak with sales and let us know what pre-installed software you will require.

Custom Database and Software

Yes, we can pre-load software for you. For example, if you wanted PostgreSQL installed as your primary database. You may want Lucee or ColdFusion installed along side or in place of PHP. For commercial off-the-shelf software such as ColdFusion, we can help you manage your licenses.

Colohaven has a custom software dev team that is available to help you maintain proprietary custom written software for your server. Our team can help you write custom software, expand the capabilities of existing software, as well as help with version control. Talk to our sales team with your requirements.

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